Tips for Writing an Excellent Dissertation or Thesis

Dissertations or theses form a crucial aspect of the educational process in University. Students pursuing a degree or postgraduate programs have to write these papers to qualify them for their degrees at the end of their programs. However, writing a thesis or a dissertation often proves complex as it requires time, dedication, grit, and the technical know-how of the subject to pull it off. So how can you go about it when you have to write one and cannot seem to understand how? Consider the following.

  • Brainstorm on the theories or topics to write about. Most research or studies start with answering a question. It, therefore, becomes crucial to think of what subjects interest you and which you can pursue. Additionally, it can also include things studied within your program.
  • Search for relevant information related to the subject and the theoretical framework. Here, you have to read everything available relating to the topic. It can include literature, academic research, information from the internet, and popular press.
  • Illustrate the aim of your study. After becoming better informed of the study topic, it becomes essential for your knowledge to suggest an aim for your dissertation or thesis. Upon the clear articulation of the purpose, you can then get ready to begin writing your proposal/prospectus.   
  • Recruit the members of your dissertation committee before holding a maiden meeting. The meeting has to refine your plans whenever needed besides making explicit prospects for the thesis completion. Further, you have to submit a well-written memo to the committee members to summarize the agreed-upon study direction within the sitting.
  • Upon completing the instrumentation process, you have to clear the developed instrumentation and your consent procedure with the IRB before commencing the data collection process. The process can always take several weeks or days, so it becomes crucial to leave sufficient time for this process.
  • Get prepared to employ data entry and coding assistance besides analysis whenever needed.
  • It also becomes essential to obtain a copy of your graduate’s school policy for dissertation and theses writing to write your paper effectively.

All dissertations come as unique though they all share a couple of common elements.

  • You should not expect to start and complete the thesis within the same academic semester. It takes time to progress, and therefore, start collecting data a semester before the expected graduation date. Most of the time, a quality thesis will take about nine months to finish.
  • You should not expect any favors in terms of copyediting from your thesis committee members regarding your draft. So before submission, try and edit your work comprehensively. If you cannot have confidence in your editing abilities, engage an expert editor to get some help.
  • It becomes essential to give enough time for your dissertation team members to study your paper. It should entail approximately two weeks from the time your chair receives it to the committee member read it. Additionally, expect a week’s window period from the time your committee members read your thesis to the time you can make the defense.
  • Try and ensure that you make the thesis defense room reservation early as it falls under your responsibility. Additionally, try to carry the examination form and signature page for your defense.
  • Prepare for revisions post the thesis defense
  • Bind a copy of your final dissertation or thesis for your committee members, including the chair.


An excellent dissertation or thesis can become pivotal in expediting your graduation. So consider following the guidelines provided when writing your thesis to ensure you do not experience any disappointments.